The guides are awesome, and the fishing is great!
Joe Ballard
Our group had a blast fishing with these guys they keep us on the fish all night long. They are also great entertainment all night also. Book these guys for all your bowfishing charters. I promise you won't regret it.
Scott Ballard
I've known these guys my whole life and they know how to put fish and game in bag!!
Ricky Elston
Limits on top of limits with these guys. No doubt they will put you on the fish. #aimlowshootfast
Scott Quigley II
My boyfriend and I went 4th of July for our first timed it was awesome!!! Y'all are great and we will definitely be going again!! Everyone should definitely go with y'all
Jennifer Gardner
I travel all over the US and always try to snag a bow fishing charter. I have also been on 3 different charters in Louisiana. These guys have put me on the fish EVERY SINGLE TIME. They are officially my favorite charter out of them all. I keep finding myself going back every year. I can say the equipment and the boat are just as professional as the guys. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this bowfishing charter even if you are a ways away. I'm from North Carolina and its worth at the 12 hour drive. I'll be going back again next year my 8th trip. Give them a shout.
Brandon Patrick
I have always loved going fishing and when I heard about bow fishing it sounded like fun so I thought I would give it a try. We had a group of us that went that had no clue on what to do but they walk you through on how to use the bow and arrows. When they say aim low and shoot fast, they really mean it. We had a blast, with a lot of laughs. I have been on two trips now and highly recommend this crew. They always have fish in the boxing yes they even cleaned them for us when we got back to the dock. So get your friends together and book you trip now. You will have a great time.
Karen Del Buno
I have nothing but great things to say about this company and the owners. I been on 3 trips so far and I have no reason to try out another charter. I take clients on fishing charters a few times a year. Their rig is first class which makes for a very comfortable and safe trip. These guys go above and beyond to provide great customer service and are very accommodating. Absolutely the funnest time I had on the water thus far. I highly recommend this company to anyone considering going on a bow fishing charter.
Rusty Brewer
I had hardly ever been fishing, let alone something like bow fishing, so I was extremely nervous to give it a try. These guys were not only extremely patient with me while teaching me every step of the way, but they really enjoyed and cared about what they are doing and made it fun. I definitely recommend this charter to anyone at any age, whether experienced or not.
Melissa C
I've done a lot of charter but never been Bowfishing and this is by far the best charter I've every been on. I'll be back to do it again.
Chris Miller
One of the funnest experiences I've ever had they're awesome guy was very friendly and great with kids and get you on the fish and best of all they also clean the fish for you
Brandon Huber
You will have an awesome time!! They will put you on the fish! They also clean the fish for you!! I would definitely recommend them!
Jessica E
Even someone with my skill filled the box with redfish. Awesome trip!
Denise Germer
Have a great time when I go with these guys and always a lot of action.
Steve Zornes
Best crew in the business! They always put us on the Fish!!
Mark Caruso
Great Experience!!! Definitely going again!
David Hebert
These guy are redfish whisperers
Tyler Castle
Tonight was my first bowfishing experience and there is no way could've had a better time. These guys are top notch and comely customer oriented. Nick and Glenn will be getting more of my money for sure. Thank you guys appreciate.
Chris Braud
You can't go wrong with this crew
Michael Domingue
Glenn and Nick were awesome, had a great time.
Timothy Autin Jr.
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