Captain Nick and Glenn has been a passionate bow fisherman most of their lives, and in the past couple of years, they decided to share their knowledge with their customers.  Bowfishing excites them because it’s different and a bit more challenging than conventional fishing and it’s a thrill that never stops giving.  Capt. Nick and Glenn specializes in night bow fishing trips. where you get to rely on your other senses, catch awesome fish, and have some amazing times!

Because Capt. Nick and Glenn specializes in bowfishing, their vessel is perfectly suited for your fishing escapades under the cover of darkness.  You will hop aboard a 20′ Gator Tail Boat, rigged with twin 37 HP Gator Rail engines and enough room to sit up to 6 bow fishermen.  The captain will have all the necessary gear ready for you including bows and arrows you’ll use to snag your pray.

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