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Whether you’re a bowfishing enthusiast or you’d really like to try your hand in this fishing technique for the first time, Aim Low Shoot Fast Bowfishing has a lot to offer!  Join Captain Nick and Glenn and explore the productive waters around St. Bernard, La.

If you’ve never held a bow in your life, but you’re eager to give it a go, Capt. Nick and Glenn will give you a crash course on the basics before you head out.   Our charter offers night trips exclusively, and will usually last 4-5 hours.  You will be shooting for a variety of inshore favorites like Sheepshead, Redfish, Flouder, Garfish and Black Drum.

With Aim Low Shoot Fast Bowfishing Charters the rules are simple – If you want to have the best times on the water, learn a bowfishing trick or two, and stock up on delicious fish fillets. Capt. Nick and Glenn are your guys!

What you need:

Make sure to bring a valid Louisiana fishing license before you get to the boat launch.  you can purchase one online or at a local tackle shop.  Whatever you catch will be cleaned and filleted for you convenience after the trip, so have an icebox ready with ice.  Also, bring an icebox with your favorite drinks and snacks.

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